7 Reasons why women should not learn driving from husbands!

Well Mrs. wannabe Deepika Padukone, being the empowered woman that you are, reading this article, you might think that It’s your “choice” to drive the car even without a proper training, it’s your “choice” to learn driving from whoever you wish. But, hey! You might just end up taking a couple hundred lives every time you go grocery shopping and come back home.

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So here is one great advice to all the beautiful married ladies out there who wish to learn car from your husband. While it makes you feel secure and cozy that he is by your side it might not be a very good idea to learn driving from your loving husband. You also might want to take seven ferraas (Saat Fere) with same person for your next seven lives (Saat Janmas) but knowing these 7 reasons why women should not learn driving from husband will come hand in each life whether your marry with same person or any other:

(1) For starters, you might feel too cozy that you end up making him drive. Because he hasn’t done the dishes that morning.

(2) Men are too protective. Yes! That’s right. Some of you might be wondering if it’s true. Some call it jealousy and lack of trust. So, even a small glitch in driving, they might make you pull over and drive you back home.

(3) How much ever you love cooking, you do not want to discuss what’s for lunch/ dinner while you are driving. At least not while you are still learning to drive.

(4) Not to mention, not every husband works for a driving school and teaches driving. That’s minimal probability of him knowing the frequent mistakes committed by newbies during the driving lessons.

(5) You are NOT getting a driving lesson in the IPL/ EPL/ UCL season. So, that’s “goodbye driving”, because every other day there is a match screened on the TV. You have a car with cable? that’s a huge NO.

(6) You would patiently listen to unknown person correcting you for your mistakes. But with husband first thing you would do is react and confront. Chances of you stopping vehicle in the middle of the session and getting out of it are very high. This doesn’t get you a good driving lesson and your husband a decent dinner. Lose-Lose !!

(7) Last but not the least. You don’t want him taunting you that you are a bad driver when you have little fights. This is why there is a stereotype that women are bad drivers. NO! They are not. It’s a huge conspiracy planned and executed by the husbands.

drivekool-why-women-should-not-learn-driving-from-husbandsImage Source:NDTV

I hope by now you understood it well. However if you still want to try then go ahead who knows you give you get back to us with 8th reason for not learning driving from husband :-).

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