Top Reasons for Car Accidents

The number of people who are injured and killed by car accidents are increasing year by year in India. This has reached alarming levels and the Government of India is trying to curb these accidents by increasing fines, changing the existing outdated rules and regulations, empowering the police to take strict actions against road law breakers and so on.

The Government is also using the latest technologies to analyze, interpret and understand what causes accidents. The Private sector is also getting involved in educating their staff as well as the drivers they use to transport the staff. Many companies these days are encouraging their staff to go for carpooling, thereby avoiding too many individuals to be on the road which increases the density of the traffic which causes road rage and accidents.


The following are the main causes for accidents to take place in India:


  • OVER-SPEEDING: This is one of the main causes of road accidents, particularly among the youngsters. Drivers forget to maintain a good distance from the front vehicle while driving as well as over-speeding. This is the major cause for accidents because we need to maintain a good distance from the car in the front so that we can avoid any untoward events. This has a very negative impact on the economy as well as the families concerned.


  • DRUNKEN DRIVING: Another major causes of accidents. Most drivers feel that they are capable of driving after a couple of drinks which is contrary to their perceptions. When people are drunk or are under drugs, they lose their ability to control the vehicle and they will not be in their senses. Because of this, they will be unable to take reflexive actions or avoid an accident.


  • BREAKING RULES AND REGULATIONS: In India, most people are totally unaware of road rules, regulations, etc. Most of them get their licenses by paying money, some without even knowing proper driving. Drivers change lanes without even checking their side and rear view mirrors. Most drivers are not even aware that the rare and side view mirrors are provided by the manufacturers to see what is besides or behind them which causes accidents. They are also not aware of what the road signs mean. Going through red signals is very dangerous and can cause serious accidents to the driver as well as other road users. Night driving is also one of the reasons for road accidents. People drive without no headlights or blinding headlights. Internationally, there is a statistics which says that driving in the night increases the chances of meeting with an accident by a phenomenal 50%.


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  • ONE-WAY DRIVING: Many drivers drive the wrong way on one-way roads which cause accidents. This is because people do not read road signs or they totally ignore the road signs. Most people are not even aware of what a road sign means. One of the reasons for this is lack of education and social awareness.


  • ROAD CONDITIONS: Unfortunately, road conditions in India are pathetic with potholes, road humps without signs, road works being undertaken almost continuously throughout the year. This is because of the quality of roads in India is very low. There is no co-ordination between the utility providers like telephone, water, electricity and sewage departments. This causes accidents and problems because roads are dug and not repaired in time and properly. People have to be more careful while driving when there are rains, snow and ice. Most drivers do not slow down when weather conditions are not good. Also, while driving through mountainous regions, drivers forget that they are driving in a different kind of road which can cause fatal accidents as they can go off the road plunging along with their vehicles to death.


  • MULTI-TASKING WHILE DRIVING: Many drivers nowadays use a telephone while driving. This is noticed even while they are driving two wheelers. People also are using ear phones and listen to very loud music while driving totally cutting off any sounds and concentration which can cause accidents.


  • CONDITION OF VEHICLES: Most of our people do not maintain vehicles i.e. getting their vehicles serviced as advised by manufacturers. We can see many vehicles on the road without proper tyres, vehicles with accidents which are not repaired, overloaded vehicles, etc. If vehicles are not serviced, they can cause break failures, engine failures, tyre bursts, etc. The authorities have to be stricter regarding this and take proper actions to keep such vehicles off the road.


  • ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY ANIMALS: In cities and towns, a number of stray cattle and dogs cause accidents while trying to cross the roads. Accidents are also caused while people try to avoid these strays thereby hitting other vehicles and pedestrians. In forests, people tend to ignore road signs which advice about wild animals having the right of way. Many wild animals are killed because of this lack of awareness which also can be fatal to the driver.


In conclusion, we feel that all the causes given above for accidents can be avoided to a great extent by enforcing strict rules and regulations, making people aware that they have a social responsibility to drive properly.

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