Ambulance Passage and other Basic Road Etiquettes

Being a great driver is so much more than being able to speed race on a freeway. A good driver knows how to keep the engine in control and regards other vehicles and pedestrians on the road as well. Here are some basic road etiquettes that you must follow to ensure that others around you are not inconvenienced:

Give Way for Emergency Vehicles

In case of any emergency, even a slight delay can prove to be fatal. This is why it is extremely important to cooperate when any emergency vehicle is passing by. If you hear an ambulance, a fire truck or police van with their siren on, quickly move your vehicle away from their path and stop by the side of the road. If you think there is not enough space to halt, take a turn in the closest lane and wait for the emergency vehicle to pass by.

Drive Slow near Hospitals and Schools

Even if you are completely in control of your vehicle, there is no guarantee that you can stop in time in case someone comes in front of you. This is why it is always suggested to drive slowly near hospitals and schools. Many lanes which have hospitals and schools on them even have a maximum speed limit which should not be crossed.

Do Not Park in Front of a Hospital Entrance

Parking might be a major issue in major cities, but disregarding no parking zones can be problematic for a lot of people. Make it a point to never park in front of the entrance of a hospital and leave your car. Any patient who is in need of immediate help might be hindered due to your vehicle being parked in the wrong place.

Remember – Rush is not worth the risk of life, yours or others’.

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