Anger when you are stuck in Traffic Jam

Buddha says, “You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.”

Anger manifests in different ways in our lives. We break things and we clench fist to release the anger like a steam. But it leaves with a scar which is irreparable. Think of moments when you get angry for no reason at all. Most probably everyone gets angry in the morning when you are stuck in traffic while you are on the way to your office. It is a stressful situation that needs our conscious attention so that we don’t become angry. Traffic congestion is a real source of anger, stress and anxiety. You yell inside your car, “Traffic is not going anywhere.” Spending hours stuck in the traffic is not a happy sign for your health. What could be wrong? It is the same road where you travel everyday to your office. Are you late to the office?

It is important to keep an open mind to reschedule or reroute your drive if possible. In order to avoid the worst rush-hour traffic, it is a wise decision that you leave home early. What to do when you are stressful in the traffic jam?

Take a deep breath

Grip the steering and take some deep breaths. It is a simple technique to release your stress.

Don’t play angry bird games but turn on some music J

Whenever you are stuck in traffic and do not know whether you can make it to your destination on time, play some music to ease your anxiety. When you are really anxious, your body reacts. Your heart rate and blood pressure increases. Why to stress yourself in the morning during the wee hours? So, tune into a radio station or smooth jazz depending on what you like.

Kill the negative anxious thoughts

While you are waiting in traffic jam, it is likely that negative thoughts can creep in like a climber. So, quell anxious thoughts and do not worry over being late. Accept the present moment with a happy mindset. Stop yourself from fuming over the other driver’s behaviour.

Smile Please

See the humor in the present situation and smile. Smiling reduces the intensity of your body’s stress level. The chances are that your day will be good without any stress.

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