Be Safe During Rainy Days

Rain is any driver’s worst nightmare. Driving in rainy season is very difficult due to a large number of reasons. The roads are all wet and slippery and losing control of the vehicle is very probable; when it is raining heavy your vision is compromised; and to top it all, the potholes in this country’s roads keep getting bigger and deeper. These reasons make rainy season the worst season for drivers. However, rains do not mean we are excused from driving. We have to do our jobs anyway. So, here are some rules that you should always follow when driving in rain

  • Check your tyres- Tyres with good grip are your best friend in rains. If your tyre is balding, exchange it as soon as possible. Get tyres with the best grip even if it costs a few extra bucks.
  • Check your vehicle– Check that your vehicle’s lights, horn, indicators and wipers are working fine. If any one of these things is not working, it might turn into major trouble for you and the fellow drivers.
  • Look out for other drivers– Keep extra distance between you and the cars around. Do not attempt to overtake or pass suddenly. Turn your lights on if it is misty and signal properly before turning or stopping.
  • Drive Carefully– This tip is ever useful, but it is crucial in rain. Drive slower than you normally would no matter how late you are. Focus on the road, avoid potholes and still water, do not talk to passengers. A moment’s distraction can turn fatal.

If it is raining heavily, it is better to cancel or postpone your trip if you can. If you can’t however, follow these rules to make sure your trip is a safe one. Be careful to enjoy the rain to the fullest.

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