Before You Stop & Drive – Check These Tips

Is your vehicle the first lover in your life? And do you treat it like you girlfriend? There are times when you need to stop your girlfriend, i.e, your vehicle. Do you remember when was the last you stopped your vehicle for a long time? Was it near the hotel? Or did you stop to change the tire? Whatever it may be next time you be cautious to check your car before driving. It is necessary to give priority to your safety than anything else.

Know how to change a tire

Imagine you are driving down a road or highway, and all of a sudden you run over a nail. Now the tire needs to be replaced. Do you know how? Instead of scratching your head about what to do next, change the tire all by yourself if you know how. Changing a tire is not a rocket science. It is easy. All you need to have is the right kind of tools for a tire change. Learn the art of changing a tire. Next time if the same situation occurs, you are all set to fix it without any hassle. Just wrench out and begin working!

As the tire wears down more quickly, replace your tires if you are heading to long journey.

Check the fluids

In order to avoid an accident, check the oil, coolant and brake fluid before you plan for your next trip.

Change the oil

Change the oil and also replace the oil filter at the same time. And check your car’s air filter.

Check headlights

Are the lights and signals on your car functioning well? Just see to that the bulbs are working. If not, replace bulbs. Check your headlights for clear visibility.

Carry necessary equipments

Like a spare tire, map, mobile phone and other emergency tools such as flashlight, screwdrivers, pliers and adjustable spanner.

Ensure that you follow these steps before you stop and drive the next time. Have a safe journey!

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