Best Roads To Practice Driving in Bangalore!

Bangalore has been one of the most developing cities in India. The roads of Bangalore are often covered in never-ending traffic gridlocks and have more than their fair share of potholes and speed breakers. Sitting on the driver’s seat, one is already introduced to the controls and coordination. Practicing driving as a learner needs to be restricted to certain timings owing to the vacancy on roads. Here are listed some of the best roads in Bangalore to practice driving as a leaner:

  • Outer Ring Road: This long road stretches from Bellandur (New Silk Board) to the Kempegowda Airport. It is covered in traffic on the weekdays, however on the weekend mornings, it turns into a paradise. It has long straights and gentle curves with an array of flyovers.


  • Electronic City Flyover: The 10 k.m. elevated highway is the longest in Bangalore and the second largest in the entire country. The Electronic City’s Hosur Road Flyover is an elevated tollway with four lanes and makes for an amazing driving experience for learners. One can cover the entire stretch without having to stop even once.


  • Cubbon Road: This is another brilliant road whose beauty is lost to traffic on the weekdays. However, on the weekend mornings one can enjoy the beauty of the road in Central Bangalore with trees engulfing from both sides of the road. It accounts to an amazing driving experience for someone who wants to practice.


  • Nandi Hills: Some 70 kilometers from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a popular destination among car entusiasts. It is covered in natural beauty and with little traffic. It is a good route to practice and enjoy driving. However, the roads may get slippery during the rains.

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