Beware – Do Not Leave Valuables In View, Lock Your Car

To lose or misplace something in the car can be painful, especially keys, or a wallet or a phone. It can build up anxiety and also make it difficult to look for in the space crunch of the car. It can make it even more difficult if it is a dark space of the night time. Here are some tips to ease the pain:

  • Have a designated space for everything: Every item should have its own territory. Keep your everyday essentials like cell phone, keys, wallet, and jewelry in one place. The important thing is that nothing else goes into that mix.
  • Keep your car clean: Everyone knows that feeling when you have to search through the car and you find a crumbled piece of paper of a bottle thrown away. It doesn’t account to a fun experience. But if you don’t tidy up often- your own car might be full of it. So, put stuff away immediately- not later. Re organize the essential of your car and make cleaning up a routine.
  • Have a back-up plan: No one is perfect and one can happen to misplace a valuable in view despite all efforts not to. These days phones and other gadgets are equipped with trackers that relieve the anxiety of loss or theft. Keep a torch light in the car to search for something in the corners at the night time.
  • Always double check: Make it a habit to double check your valuables before you leave.

Don’t think that these actions would make you look extra paranoid. One would rather be extra safe than sorry.

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