Bursting myth: Women are not safe drivers

“Who the hell has given license to you all lady drivers?” (Tum Lady Drivers ko license kisne diya?). “I am sure it must be lady driver” (Pakka lady driver chala rahi hogi). “Women are not safe drivers“.  Sounds familiar?

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir                         Source: Drop a note if you found the source

The only thing that comes to mind on getting a sight of a random woman driving a  car on road is the way she is driving. We tend to give our condescending stares and certain judgmental remarks as mentioned above. I heard a saying sometime, that most stereotypes are found in truth which shall not be true always, it is just a generalization of a specific event. The same goes for a women sitting behind the wheels in a car, a stereotype.

Well let me clear myself here, my intention is not to offend you if you are a male but to introduce you with the reality that women (your wife, mother or sister) infect are safer drivers on the road than men.

Here are some of the reasons why women are safe drivers:

  • Women don’t over speed. They drive slow and steady as most of them are not very confident about their driving skills
  • Women don’t usually overtake, they tend to deliberate before overtaking, the ‘do-I-go-ahead’ or ‘should-I- wait’ dilemma.
  • Women tend to be overcautious and abide by traffic rules
  • Women prefer wearing seat belt and helmet while driving
  • Women mostly don’t drink and therefore they don’t get involved in drink and drive cases

I hope it makes perfect sense by now but I am sure you still would like to see the facts that can back “women are safe drivers” theory. So according to research in UK :

  • Women drive 28% less at night than men
  • Women exceed speed limits 12% less
  • Women brake hard 11% less.

Such research and survey have been conducted in other parts of the world as well and results were no different.

drivekool-thumbs-up-to-women           Source: Giphy | Tumblr

So ladies you have won the game here and you do not need to be on the back foot while discussing about driving skills at social gatherings or your kids sports day at school. To men, “women are bad drivers” is as big a myth as “ghost live under the tree in the night”, so stop being sexist and give them some respect and a way .

Wear your driving gear and have a safe drive. Good Luck.


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2 thoughts on “Bursting myth: Women are not safe drivers

  • February 3, 2017 at 5:12 am

    A very useful post. All the points are explained clearly & understandable. Great source of information about the women drivers. Women have self-confidence and they always obey traffic rules and etc., Keep on Sharing!!!!


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