Car Chasing – Is it fun or scary?

Who doesn’t love car chasing movies? It is fun to watch feature-length films that showcases car chases, featuring high-powered, exotic vehicles. They are fast scene movies and deliver a great deal of excitement and action. There are few factors that need to be considered and they are the speed of the cars involved and the potential collisions.  Car chases featured in movies have become more advanced. And it becomes a delight to the viewers. Have you ever being chased by a car in real life?  What should you do?

No Panic

If someone is following you, do not get panic. And don’t try to outrun them.

Slow down your car

Slowing down your car is better than speeding up. Speeding up puts you in danger and there is an increased chance of wreck that might happen. Never try any stunt as you see in an action movie. It is going to cause more harm.

Breathe deeply

Slow down and breathe deeply.

Be prepared

If you are trained and comfortable as a high performance driver, then you can outrun them. You can call the police and let him know where you are, what your car looks like and how the chaser’s car looks like.

Drive your car to the nearest police station

You may get into the traffic jam where there is a lot of room between you and the car ahead of you. If it is possible, you can drive your car to the nearest police station.

Keep driving until you come to a place that is well lit and populated. Some drivers love to chase cars and want to beat you in race. So, it is wise to slow down and change lanes to get out of their way. They will be gone, thinking that they “won” the race. So, don’t go looking for trouble!

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