Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car is essential for keeping it on the road. Maintenance of a car can be intimidating if you don’t spend a lot of your time under the hood of the car. It improves the safety of the driver and other passengers and enhances the performance of the vehicle. A well-maintained car also reflects a higher resale value in the future and saves you expensive repair costs.
A car’s owner manual contains all the basics of car maintenance. It will help you prepare a personalized checklist to inspect your vehicle. A basic checklist must contain the following items for inspection:

  • Checking the warning and emergency lights: Modern cars have sophisticated sensors and warning systems that notify you when something is amiss. The foremost is the check engine light, it is connected to sensors located to various components in your car engine. If it blinks, it would be time for a professional help.
  • Checking tire pressure: A car’s efficacy is directly related to the tire pressure. You can keep a portable tire pressure kit with you to maintain the balance in tire pressure and extending the efficiency of your car.
  • Checking tire maintenance: You need tires that can function in all weather conditions. Ensure the threads on the tire of your vehicle are deep enough. You should also rotate tires and check the wheel alignment before you drive.
  • Checking the engine: Your vehicle runs on the engine power. Checking up the engine oil level is an integral part of an inspection. Engine oil minimizes friction in the moving car engine parts and ensures smoother operation. You can also check the coolant levels of the engine and refill accordingly.

These are basic maintenance tips you can perform at your house. Although, it is always advisable to check your car service dates and get it serviced by a professional at regular intervals.

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