Defensive Driving Techniques to Protect Yourself on the Road | Drivekool

Want to be a better driver? Never assume that other drivers will always drive with care. With
defensive driving, you can evade collisions caused by the mistakes of other drivers.

Scan the street and its surroundings ahead as often as possible. When conducted in urban areas
the scan will be 12 to 15 seconds and in rural areas every 25 seconds. To be alert use the
mirrors and make sure to check blind spots regularly, and do not forget to pay attention to the
speedometer and other meters.

There are also other techniques which can make you a better driver:

If the driven vehicle is not equipped with a daytime running light, the low beam should be
turned on, and this will make it more visible to other drivers. Be sure to turn them off when you
park the vehicle. Keep the lights as clean as possible.

Be alert of potential dangers such as children playing near streets or drivers who do not stop
with the red light, be prepared to take evasive actions. Wait for the unexpected and plan your
escape on time. Make sure your defensive movement does not cause an equally dangerous

Leave enough space between your car, the front, the back, and both sides. If someone follows
you too close slow down and encourage you to pass if you are sure to do so. If you do not pass,
leave a more considerable space of protection between your car and the vehicle in front. When
you stop behind any other vehicle in traffic, leave enough space to change lanes without having
to use reverse gear.

TO ANTICIPATE                                                  

Know and understand your route. Make sure you are driving in the proper lane in advance. Do
not make fast and dangerous lane changes, if you pass the exit or turn, continue until the next
exit or intersection. Never back down. Use your directional lights to let other drivers know in
advance what you are trying to do.


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