Demystifying Road Tax In Karnataka

There has been huge confusion, lot of hue and cry  around paying Road Tax in Karnataka. Now that High Court has ruled against collecting road tax from vehicle owner commuting in other state vehicle after 30 days of moving in there still seem to be some confusion in the air and hence here are the answers for all your possible questions that might be popping up in your head.

How to Pay Road Tax
Pay your Karnataka Road Tax

1. What does actually high court says now?

As per high court vehicle owner from other state of union territories can come and drive without paying road tax till 12 months.

2. Can you help me understanding this with example?

Sure, lets say you are moving in Bangalore from other state on April 1st, 2016. If you plan to leave Karnataka and going back within 12 moths (March 31st, 2017) then you don’t have to pay any Tax. You are safe.

However if you know that you are going to stay more than 12 months then sooner you pay the road tax better it is.

3. Good, why can’t I wait till 12th month to pay road tax?

Oh sure you can but problem is you will not only have to pay life time road tax but additional penalty as well that will be calculated right from the day you entered till the time you actually pay road tax.

4. Okay, I am going to stay in Karnataka for more than 12 moths and want to pay road tax after two months (June 1st, 2016). Do I have to pay penalty?

You got it right, you will have to pay life time road tax and penalty of two months.

5. Oh !! so how does RTO ascertain the date of entering in the state?

From NoC that you must bring from your home state.

6. Great, so is there any hassle free way of paying ?

Fortunately yes. You can click here



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