Drive as if every child on the street were your own

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” In India every second we celebrate the birth of a child and aspire that one day he or she will tender to the development of the family, the city and the nation  but on the other hand sixteen children die daily in road accidents . India is leading in having the worst road accident records in the world taking more and more young lives, particularly of school children. With freedom comes immense responsibility, the responsibility to be more provident while driving and to follow all the necessary traffic rules. These children can be the next P.V Sindhu or the next Mahindra Singh Dhoni, their lives are precious and we must take the scrape seriously to avoid more road fatalities. Few measures that can save many young lives are as follows:

  • In India there is lack of proper playgrounds especially in remote areas which lead children playing on roads which is responsible for many fatalities so we must model proper parks and play ground in every locality to prevent children from playing on road.
  • While driving we must take in account all the sign boards on either side of the road. There are sign boards before schools and colleges and we must slow down as there might be children crossing the road.
  • Parents are the first school to a child and they must ask them to be careful while crossing road and teach them the basic traffic rules. Schools should conduct seminars on traffic rules and precautions+.
  • Often in India parents allow children to drive before 18 when they have lack of maturity and it often leads to serious road accidents.
  • Don’t let small kids go alone on road, be with them while crossing the roads and ensure their safety.

Follow rules and make them learn too. By taking care of small things we can save make young lives. Let them explore, let them learn but not at the age of their lives.

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