Drive Through Traffic Jams

drive through traffic
drive through traffic

In a developing country like India, with a growing population, there is a steep surge in the number of vehicles on the road and limited development in infrastructure to provide for it. There are only a few things that are more frustrating than getting stuck in a traffic jam. It is a test for patience and skills as a driver.

When there are more cars on the roads than usual, it would naturally slow you down. One must always be alert about the surroundings, obstacles, and pedestrians can come out of nowhere. Do not try to change lanes or overtake, it could be dangerous to do so. It is also going to only slow you down or create a traffic havoc. Always maintain an appropriate distance from vehicles ahead of you, especially while driving on hills and valleys or steep slopes where cars could slope back and crash into you. Stay cool and drive proactively, use of a calm and clear mind is going to help you out. Put on music you like or play a podcast. Always give way to an ambulance, it is a general road ethics. Their priority on road is higher than other vehicles. One should turn off the engine when necessary, it saves fuel and controls the pollution levels. Use your indicators and give proper signals to other drivers on the road to read your moves. One also learns to read moves of other drivers before they initiate, it is the art of prediction and going with the instincts as a driver that save you on the road. One needs to enhance those instincts and level up to deal with a situation of the traffic jam.

You can learn more about handling such a situation on the road practically with the help of a professional driving school.

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