Drivekool’s Media Journey So Far

We thank media in recognizing our efforts of transforming driving school sector and taking our story to the masses as well. Here is the list of some of the prestigious digital media houses that have covered our story so far.

Drivekool in one of the prestigious media portal for start-up:

YourStory covers drivekool story close to a year after it was launched. Here is the story as it got published in YourStory  [ June 10, 2015]

Drivekool in YourStory


Drivekool again in international media journal:

Another singapore based Tech In Asia covers drivekool’s growth story so far in detail.  [ Apr 15, 2015]

Drivekool in TechInAsia


First time, drivekool in three articles in ten days: – content partner of TiE covered our story in March 2015, making it third article within 10 days. This is amazing feeling to have got covered by three different media houses in such a short duration. May be a testimony of our good work and the innovation that we are bringing in driving school sector. [ Mar 10, 2015]



In leading Kannada daily for the first time:

It was Vijay Karnataka (a Time of India group paper) who took us near to those who are near to the local language i.e. Kannada. Our thanks to Vijay Karnataka for this. It was second major article on drivekool in a single month. [ Mar 7, 2015]


[ Link: ]



Drivekool in international Media for the first time:

Anything first is always exciting and featuring in an international media for the first time was like super icing on a cake. Thanks to for that.  [ Mar 2, 2015]



In leading papers Economic Times & The New Indian Express :

November 2014 when drivekool got featured in ET with other leading startups and The New Indian Express article came as a new year gift to us in January 2015.

     Drivekool in Economic TimesDrivekool in The New Indian Express


Drivekool’s media debut with Deccan Herald:


We got a surprise call from Deccan Herald for an interview, we don’t remember approaching them hence it was good enough to surprise us pleasantly.  So here it is, drivekool’s first ever media coverage.[ Sep 18, 2014]

Drivekool in Deccan Herald



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