Driving In Adverse Weather Conditions Can Be Difficult and Potentially Lead To An Accident

They say the difference between horse and weather is that, a horse needs to rein up and weather rains down. Well, when applied to driving you need to rein up your driving in adverse weather conditions.

Driving in adverse weather conditions is a very challenging and difficult proposition, so it is better if you cancel you trip unless it is urgent and something so important that you cannot avoid. Weather conditions like heavy rain, fog, snowfall may decrease visibility, while high winds can push the vehicle to tip, roll over which results in accidents sometimes, which could even prove fatal.

As driving under such extreme weather conditions is dangerous and potentially accident prone it becomes the responsibility of driver to be extra cautions and take precautions to make sure that the journey is safe.

Drive Cautiously: You may be an expert driver, but not all drivers on the road are as expert as you may be, also adverse weather can hamper your driving abilities, so maintain caution while driving under rough weather. Do not apply brakes abruptly as it may lead to lose of steering control, apply brakes cautiously.

Visibility is important: It is important to be able to see the road clearly! Therefore, while driving under adverse weather conditions such as Rainfall, snow or fog conditions keep windows clear, turn on the wipers and increase the speed of defroster so there will not be any snow, fog accumulating on the windows obstructing the view. Always turn the headlights for visibility and so other drivers can clearly see your vehicle. Also, make sure the view from the rear window is clear by removing any items that may be blocking your view.

Speeds under control: Avoid speed driving under any conditions, especially under adverse weather conditions. So when driving under extreme weather conditions keep your speed under controllable limits. When extreme rain, snow or fog affects the road, you may lose traction and driving at higher speeds could result in accidents because of sliding, hydroplaning, etc. staying under controllable speed limits helps drivers to stop at unexpected events.

If you feel that you cannot drive for the lack of visibility or traction on the road, pull over, stop at a hotel or a bridge, and wait for the better conditions.

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