Driving Tips for Learner’s Permit Holders

Officially, holding a learner’s permit allows you to take your vehicle out on the roads in order to learn how to drive safely and responsibly. Here are some safe driving tips for people who are learning how to drive:

1. Never Drive without an Experienced Driver on the Shotgun Seat

The learning licence mandates you to drive in presence of an experienced driver who holds a valid driving licence. This is important because you may not always know all the regulations ad road rules. Also, in case you are unable to handle the vehicle or get stuck in a tricky situation, the experienced driver can help you ensuring no harm to you or others around you. The shotgun passenger can be of great assistance in case of any accidents.

2. Keep your car in proper condition

Since you are not well versed with all the aspects of driving, it is important to maintain the health of the car you drive to learn. Get your vehicle serviced in time, and make sure that all the parts are working smoothly. Change the tyres if they are worn out, and regularly change the engine oil and coolant to avoid any sudden mishaps.

3. Avoid driving on busy roads and highways

Your friends might say the best way to learn driving is by speeding on a busy road, but it can very easily lead to accidents. Avoid taking your car to heavy traffic areas like markets, busy roads and highways. Prepare a schedule of your driving lessons to avoid traffic. It will not only provide the calm environment to learn fast, but also ensure your safety.

4. Do not get distracted while driving

While nobody should use their mobile phone when they drive, it is essential for a learning driver to focus completely on the road. Avoid texting, talking on phone or even indulge in chats with your fellow passengers when you are driving on a busy street.

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