Emergency vehicles on road

There are a number of rules requiring drivers to give way or not get in the way of an emergency vehicle. In India not giving way to an emergency vehicle attracts a fine of up to Rs. 10,000 and/or a suspension of license. In severe cases the police has the power to arrest the offender without any warrant. Given below are a list of emergency vehicles on the roads in India:

  • Medical and fire services;
  • Any railway service or any other transport service for carriage of passengers or goods with respect to which Parliament has the power to make laws;
  • Any service in any mint or security press;
  • Any service in any defense establishment of the Government of India;
  • Any service in connection with the affairs of the Union;
  • Any other service connected in matters with respect to which parliament has the power to make laws;
  • The public safety or maintenance of supplies and services necessary for the life of the community or would result in the infliction of grave hardship on the community.

Examining the emergency vehicles in India, the laws governing them are split under separate heads. However, the penalties imposed on obstructing these vehicles have been made severe as compared to before.

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