Ensure Pet’s Safety While Traveling

In the words of a famous philosopher, “Pets are Humanizing; they remind us of our obligation and responsibility to nurture, preserve and care for all life.”

True, when in driver’s seat you should not forget your obligation towards any life be it human life or animal, pet life.
You may have to drive with your pet onboard, whether you taking your pet you on a vacation, a trip to the vet or for any other reasons you need to be careful when driving with your pet inside the vehicle. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of pets while travelling.

•Pets without any restraints can be dangerous for themselves, and for others. Make sure your pet has a restraint, a collar when you take it out for whatever reasons. Restraints, especially tags with IDs, contact information, etc., prove helpful when you take it out to events such as pet shows, etc., by helping you locate the pet just in case, if it gets lost in the traffic.

•Never display affection to your pets while driving, save that for later when you reach destination and play with it. While driving displaying affection, letting pets sit in the front seat or on your lap may be very dangerous.

•Do not let your pets stick their heads or any portion of their body stick out; the heavy winds may throw dust, dirt particles into their eyes or any other outside objects may hurt them as you drive.

•It is important that there is someone to look after the pet during the journey, make sure the pet has a proper seat belt. Even when you have to leave the vehicle, someone has to keep an eye on the pet and not leave it all alone inside it.

•Prepare your pets for long drives by taking them on short trips first. Even after, when you take it on long trips make sure you take breaks as it helps relieve stress of long journey for your pet.

Talk to the vet before you take it on a vacation, so you get safety tips and necessary medication, if required.

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