Future of Driverless Car

Humans love fantasies; Fantasies are fascinating, right?

It is that attraction for fantasy that helped create superman, Spiderman, etc. Fast forward to the digital innovation age, we now have super cars!

We been fascinated by the flying saucers and the world has a never-ending obsession for such things that sound and look super natural.

More recently, technology giant, Google, stirred up our fantasies and innovation when it announced that it is working on developing driver less cars that can navigate the usual crowded streets with ease anywhere in the world.

Worldwide this has created a race for innovation with every major global brand of carmaker trying to develop their own version of self-driving cars. From Mercedes to Volvo, to even Chinese technology companies such as Le Echo are busy developing such cars that navigate without drivers.

In fact, US companies like Tesla and Ford have already started selling and running test-drives of such cars in various US cities.

Google says they train cars using sensors and software to identify walkers, vehicles, cyclists, etc., and safely navigate the busiest and crowded streets anywhere in the world. With t technology to the rescue of these cars, the self-driving car innovators are waiting for the laws to catchup.

In the US many state governments have fallen in line, recognizing that this technology is here to stay, they have taken a positive stand in this direction saying as long as these cars guarantee safety of passengers and of those on the roads, they would allow these cars to ply on the roads.

Experts are positive on the future of the autonomous cars, they say, these cars will improve efficiency – as executives can start working during their travel time once they get in to the self-driving car- will be more safe, as majority of the road accidents are a result of human errors. In addition, they will save lot of parking space and increase the utilization of vehicles while reducing the pollution levels. Autonomous car enthusiasts and researchers say in the future will witness self-driven vans, busses, once the cars become a success.

In India, the Motor Vehicles Amendment act (2016) introduced in Parliament will help driverless cars ply on Indian roads. This bill has the necessary provisions to allow trial run of such driverless cars on Indian roads, once the bill becomes law, the interested parties can apply for licenses and permissions to test-drive these cars in India.

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