General Parking Etiquette

Careless parking does not only hinder the movement of other vehicles but can become as dangerous as careless driving. But unfortunately, in this age people don’t spare enough time to think about others’ comfort and park in ways convenient for them, no matter how inconvenient they are for others. Such drivers are a huge menace for other drivers. To make sure you don’t become such a driver, follow the basic parking rules given below-


  1. In the parking lot- When you are parking in a parking lot, make sure to park in the centre of the space. Do not park on the line between two spaces, this costs someone else a space. Park your vehicle straight so that it does not obstruct someone who is pulling in or out of an adjacent space. If there are no defined spaces, make sure to park as close to the end of the area as possible.
  2. In the neighbourhood- When you are parking on a street in a neighbourhood, park as close to the footpath or buildings as possible so that you don’t block the road.
  3. In the market- Search for a nearby parking lot to park your vehicle when you go shopping. If there is none, park your vehicle in an open area. Do not park your vehicle on the road as it causes discomfort to others who are driving by, and you can end up paying a hefty fine.
  4. Pulling over on the highway- Never park your car on the highway. But when you are pulling over, signal the cars around and slowly drive up to the road shoulder, park as far from the road as possible and turn your parking lights on. When you are ready to drive again, check the lane and slowly get on the road.

Follow these important parking tips to ensure comfort for you and others.

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