Getting A Duplicate Driving Licence Through A Driving School

If a person has lost his/her driving license then it is very important to get a Duplicate Driving license quickly. And with this situation driving schools can help. Drivekool can provide very fast and reliable service than normal processes. Their executives will do all the work required for the process of contacting the RTO office and providing all information. So it is wise to go to a driving school in the particular location like people living in Borivali can go to a Driving School in Borivali.

Steps To Follow For Getting A Duplicate Driving Licence

  • The applicant has to submit all the documents online to the respective driving school.
  • The next step is to pay the driving school’s charges.
  • After that, the applicant has to meet the driving school’s executive and go to the RTO.
  • In the RTO the applicant has to give a biometric test to complete the process of getting a duplicate driving license.
  • The duplicate driving license will be sent in 20 to 25 days through the post.

They can also help people in getting an original or duplicate International driving license.

Overall Process For Getting A Duplicate Driving License

  • The process undergoes various phases for completion. In the first phase, the applicant has to file an FIR or First information report at a police station nearest to the person. Then the person has to get a copy of the FIR and contact the driving school of the respective area for example Driving School in Kandivali.
  • Next, the person has to write an application declaring the situation about lost driving license and attach the FIR copy with it.
  • The applicant will be provided with an acknowledgment copy after the document process is completed. The copy of the same is too submitted at the counter with a nominal fee and license will be getting delivered to the provided address.
  • Throughout the whole process, the driving school executive keeps in touch and offers complete assistance.

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