Happy Moving to Bangalore

Do you have to move to another state for work or any other reason? If yes, then there are some things related to your vehicle that you should keep in mind. If you are moving to a different state, you will have to get your vehicle registration done all over again (called re-registration) at the local RTO, and pay road tax again. So, before you move for good, go to your current RTO to file for return of the original road tax that you gave when you registered the vehicle for the first time.

Then, go to the new RTO to get your documents verified and get your vehicle re-registered. This might sound easy but it ends up taking a lot of your time. Because whenever you go to the RTO, standing in a long line is inevitable. You might also have to go down there many times before your registration is finally done. And, if you are moving to Bangalore, be ready to pay a little more because Karnataka has the highest road tax rate amongst all the Indian states.

That’s why we provide to you a smarter alternative. Just visit www.drivekool.com and select the re-registration service. All you need to do is submit all your required documents online and pay a small service charge. Then, visit the RTO where you want to register your vehicle and meet our executive there. He will help you through the process and your work will be done in no time. After that, your new registration card will be delivered in 20 to 25 days to your new address.

You can contact DriveKool for assistance in any other RTO process like renewal of driving license, transfer of vehicle ownership, paying road tax etc as well. Enjoy your stay in Bangalore and let DriveKool worry about all your RTO processes

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