When to Use High and Low Beams While Driving

Location, Weather, brightness and time of the day all have an effect on the safety and visibility of roads while driving. Car headlights are designed for the sake of better visibility in different conditions of weather and at the different time of the day. Headlights let you see and be seen and hence it is very important that we understand its proper implications.

high and low beam
source High and Low Beam
  • Under section 112(4) of the Indian constitution, there are charges for using high beam in the city area. High beams are only meant for multi-laned highways and rural areas. Due to the use of high-beams lot many cases of accidents happen. High beams should be used during the night on highways because they not only dazzle the person who is facing the car but its reflection also affects the ability of the person operating the lights.
  • High beams provide intensely, center-weighted distribution of light and hence high beam should be used in low traffic areas so that they don’t blind cars coming from the opposite direction. Even during the night in the presence of heavy traffic, one should go for low beams.
  • People have wrong notion that one must use high beam lights during heavy rains and fog condition but this, in contrast, can be dangerous because the light will bounce off of cloud particles and reflect back at the driver.
  • Maintaining headlight while driving is essential especially during winters as your light can become dirty. Wipe your headlights on regular intervals. In case, you notice that your car headlights are pointing in different directions you should get it checked by a mechanic to avoid accidents.
  • One should be aware and alert while driving, so if another driver from opposite direction is approaching towards you with high beams on, and to avoid being blinded do keep your eyes on the right-hand side of your lane.

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