High Security Registration Plate -Facts you should be aware of

Security has already become paramount feature in almost every walks of our life and this now seem to be making its impression on vehicle number plates as well in the form of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). If you already have heard about it but have some confusions then here is an opportunity for you to spend quick 5 minutes to know more about it and clear the doubts.

 What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) supposed to be extremely secure vehicle number plate. The purpose is to create an identical pattern of displaying registration marks across the country very much similar to what we have in currency note. These plates are made of metal that includes distinctive details aside from the registration number.

What are the features of HSRP?

HRSPs come with following features:

  • seven-digit distinctive optical device code
  • chromium-based chakra photograph to forestall counterfeiting
  • self-destructing sticker with the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle
  • blue colored ‘IND’ inscribed on the number plat
  • Bharat inscribed at a forty five degree angle in hot stamping foil across all numbers and letters on the number plate

The most important point is, it is prescribed to come with a non-removable and non-reusable snap lock.

What is the need of shifting from normal  number plates to HSRP?

Fitting vehicles with HSRPs has been into account since 1989. The regular registration plates can easily be tampered with, creating ample opportunity of automotive thefts and crimes. HSRP are tamper-proof and non-replaceable. This also additionally aid in building digital information of motorized vehicles.

Big question, do I need to get my vehicle fitted with new HSRP?

Not yet, as there is no clear cut mandate from authorities on complying with this. The Union Government is yet to officially launch these number plates and hence rules mandate that number plates must comply with the old specifications.

Why do we have so many with ‘IND’ written on them, are they legal ?

Many vehicle owners are still unaware of the fact that number plates just with ‘IND’ don’t confirm the specifications and they are illegal. Traffic police indeed are catching such vehicles and levying fines.


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