How to Drive a Car – 5 Simple Driving Tips

Driving is a life skill. Got a new car? What a joy is to have when you start your car, the car is moving! The first thing you need to learn is to get comfortable with your car. It is good to know the basics of the car before you start driving it. The foremost thing you should know is to have a relaxed mind with confidence to drive.

Get comfortable with your car

Know your car completely. Do you know how to change gear and brakes?  Learn to change your brakes and clutch position to slow down your car. Observe your family members while they drive. See how smoothly they press brakes and how frequently they change gears. When you start the car, ensure that gear is on neutral. Safe observation is necessary and it is an essential part of learning.

Know your seating position

Many drivers don’t sit properly and it increases the probability of accidents. You need to sit straight with your back fixed firmly in the seat at an angular position, helping to prevent back injuries. Sit comfortably and ensure that you can see all around. And see to that your knees are placed comfortably where they are not stretched too much.  Sit straight when you drive and don’t bend.

Put on your seatbelt

Pit it on for every ride if you want to be safe and secure. Snap in your seat belt as soon as you get in your car. It can save your life from a car accident. Adjust your seat belt properly in order to get the perfect fit. The strap should go across your lap and should have snug fit over your hips and upper thigh area.

Avoid distraction

Be attentive once you are seated. As the roads are filled with vehicles and are jam packed, you need to focus and be more attentive, avoiding unnecessary distractions. And don’t indulge in deep conversations while driving.

Follow the road rules

When the number of vehicles is less on the road, it is quite easy to drive. But when the numbers go high, you need to be careful to follow the rules. Follow the signals at all time. Sometimes your hand signals convey the other drivers about your intentions like slow down, turn and allowing of overtaking.

Happy and safe driving!

2 thoughts on “How to Drive a Car – 5 Simple Driving Tips

  • December 7, 2016 at 9:44 am

    This is very inspirational and a very motivating material for all of us. I am glad that I have seen this post. The things that was acknowledge by our works will surely help us to achieve more awards in our life in the future. This post will surely help us in our battles that we will face

  • September 18, 2017 at 7:33 am

    for every car owners, its’s important to know about car knowledge, maintenance, and repair. This post is useful to those who want to learn about these things for their own car.this tips are good and useful to know about the car driving before the drive. thanks for sharing this useful tips for the car.


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