How to Drive a Car in Reverse Gear

Well, as a learner or someone new to driving you wish you had some amazing skills similar to an ambidextrous who can use both hands with equal ease, you would love to have the expertise of driving both forward and reverse gear with equal ease!

Knowing how to drive a car in reverse gear is a very important skill for every driver. You may have to use reverse gear when you have to park the car or take the car out of parking lot, or when driving in congested streets you may have to drive a few yards in reverse gear to clear the way.

Even the experienced drivers get confused and nervous when they have to drive in reverse gear. You need to apply common sense, stay calm and confident while driving car in reverse gear. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that.

Make yourself comfortable: Adjust the seat, mirror to a comfortable position so, you get a clear view of the path and the traffic, if required you can also turn around and see it for yourself. Make sure you can turn around and still have your foot placed on brake, accelerator etc., comfortably. Also, fasten the seat belt as a precaution.

Shift to Reverse Gear: Once you have the seat, mirrors adjusted shift the gear rod to the position where it indicates reverse or R. once you have the gear shifted to reverse make sure the tires are pointed in the right direction. Once you have everything in place with one foot on the brake pedal, slowly release the clutch so the car goes in the reverse direction to the exact spot you want park it.

Stop the car: Slowly release the clutch until you reach the exact position, you may want to look back to see if you have reached the spot, look over your shoulder to see that. Once you have reached the spot, stop the vehicle.

With a little of patience and applying common sense driving in reverse gear is not at all difficult task.

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