How to Find if Tires are Due for Replacement?

You often hear a deafening blast sound, as if a bomb went off, while driving on a busy street, scared you look around cautiously, but no sign of smoke or anything you can see, right?

Realizing the sound came from a tire blast, a bad tire going bust, you may laugh and carry on with your routine.

However, that is no laughing matter.

Car tires or tires for any vehicles are the most important components that helps the vehicle stay in touch with the ground, offering traction, protection against skidding from water, etc.  Yet car tires are the most neglected parts.

The challenge that many car owners face is in identifying if, their car tires are good or bad and if they need replacement.

Many tire experts say, you may maintain your car well, clean the tires, maintain the right air pressure, etc., and you may not use it much, still your car tires need a replacement every six years. Some of the signals your tires indicate that they need a replacement include:

Wearing off Tread: Tread of your car tire is an important factor; treads help the tire cool down by facilitating airflow, offers protection against punctures, prevents skidding on water by holding the water on the road in its treads to offer traction. Worn off treads can no longer offer right traction, negatively impacts steering control, braking, and fuel efficiency. Some tires come with tread thickness indicators, if your tire does not have such indicator you need to get a tread indicator.

Bulges & Cracks on Tires: Your tire develops bulges on the side when you drive through a pothole or hit the curb, especially with the state of Indian roads this is a common problem for many. Such bulges effect the integrity of the tire and may not offer much control on the car resulting in severe accidents. Additionally, tires may also develop cracks, which effects the integrity of tires.

Age of the Tire: Age of the tire also indicates that you need to replace the tire. Whether you drive your car regularly or not, and irrespective of the condition of the treads –thick or thin- you still need to replace the tire every 6-7 years.

You may experience excessive vibration when driving the car, usually such vibration is a result of misalignment of the tire, which damages the integrity of the tire and requires a replacement. Neglecting tire care results in bursting or shredding of the tires, tires coming off, skidding, swerving, spinning, loss of control, etc.

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