How to Protect Yourself While Driving During Natural Calamities?

You never know when nature strikes, and when it is about to strike it gives you some indications. You must have heard the saying a cloud wears a thunder wear under its raincoat, so drivers need to be aware of those thunders when driving in conditions which indicate cyclone or some sort of a natural disaster.

Severe storms, rain, heavy downpour could lead to flooding causes visibility issues, and makes you lose control of your vehicle, traction on the road all of which might result in accidents, at times fatal accidents.

Imagine you in the car driving to work, or home and an earthquake hits the area. Well, that could be devastating. Environmentalists says that such Natural calamities are a possibility especially with the modern lifestyle causing more damage to Mother Nature.

Vehicle manufacturers offer many safety equipment to limit the damage in case of accidents as a result of manmade errors.

However, in the event of a natural disaster you need few options such as tuning into the local radio stations or news channels to know about the weather etc. In the event of a sudden natural disaster, while you driving in your car you need to take precautions to protect yourself and reach your destination safely:

•  Never panic in an emergency, make sure the passengers do not either. Do not get out of the vehicle until you find a safe place to stop. Stay calm and patient, if required contact emergency services, and keep in mind that there may be delay in reaching emergency services center as the lines may be busy.

•  Always keep safe distance from other vehicles and traffic on the road even when normal conditions, especially when driving during unclear weather conditions. This help you with comfortable space to pull over and stop at a safe place in the event of an earthquake or heavy downpour.

•  Never take shortcuts, deserted routes, or narrow lanes especially during extreme temperature times, as you may not find any help in the event of an emergency.

•  Finally, do not park your car near high-rise building, electric poles, trees, etc. find an open area to park your vehicle.

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