How to transfer vehicle from one state to another


Sure you are happy that you got a new job with higher position and good increment on salary and you are all excited about making a move to new city. But with this kind of excitement you quite easily would tend to forget an important question that might become party pooper and give you nightmares in the new city and  that is “How to transfer your vehicle from one state to another?” .

Transferring vehicle includes much more than moving your vehicle physically. You must need to do paperwork and that too within stipulated time period (one month) to remain compliant with the law and avoid paying penalties.

Here is the list of actions that you need to take to transfer your vehicle (considering you are moving in Bangalore, Karnataka) to new city:

1. Paying Road Tax, within 30 days after moving in Karnataka

2. Registering (Changing Address in RC) vehicle  in Karnataka, within 30 days after paying road tax

3. Getting new Karnataka registered number for your vehicle,  within 11 months of paying road tax

Now that you know there are three simple steps to transfer vehicle and you would wish to do so by yourselves. However we can only wish for the ideal world but alas things are not as ideal or perfect as we want them to be for us. Go through the hard ships of getting vehicle registered in Karnataka here. In short, you will find thirty stressful steps that he had to take to do the needful in this blog post. He visited RTO office multiple times, took time off from work many times, had to run from pillar to post , had to fill forms that were never required in the first place. It took him few months doing all these to pay road tax and getting vehicle registered.

So you would wonder, is there any better way of getting the same services done? Sure there is, begin with calculating road tax and then move forward to avail same services at your door step only. Spent your valuable time with those who matter the most i.e. your friends and family members or at work that you sometimes can’t afford to ignore rather then running around here and there.

Happy Moving to New City.


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