Hybrid Vs. Electric Car

Hybrid cars can offer an alternative to the conventional petrol-powered vehicles that reduce operating costs and emissions. As their name suggests, hybrid cars are a combination of two types of vehicles – electric cars and conventional fuel powered vehicles (also known as internal combustion engine vehicles). A hybrid car has a combustion engine that runs on petrol/diesel and an electric motor with an attached rechargeable battery pack for electric-powered driving. They can use both engines at the same time to increase power or rely on one, depending on the driving type. Some hybrids offer an electric-only driving mode which may only be available for lower speeds and/or short ranges. Hybrids are more efficient in city driving conditions.

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that runs on electricity alone. These vehicles do not contain an internal combustion engine like the other conventional vehicles. Instead, it uses an electric motor to run the wheels. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. It causes no emissions and causes no noise pollution. It is higher in efficiency as compared to internal combustible engines and has low maintenance & operation costs.

Hybrid Cars

  • A higher cost of fuel because they run on dual power. Internal Combustible Engines use petrol/diesel as fuel.
  • Higher maintenance costs.
  • Hybrid cars have higher range limitations. They can go longer distances.
  • They are less costly as compared to electric vehicles.
  • They have emissions as they utilize fossil fuels.
  • The internal combustible engine causes noise pollution.

Electric cars

  • The internal combustible engine causes noise pollution.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Electric cars can only cover shorter distances.
  • The production of electric vehicles is not done on a commercial basis yet. So, they are costly.
  • They have zero emissions.
  • They cause no noise pollution and have a silent operating mechanism.

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