Importance of the safety of pedestrians in India

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India, no matter how superior it is in terms of its culture, economy and military strength, has the least amount of infrastructure for the safety of its pedestrians thus putting them at risk. There is no appropriate legislation to govern the behaviour of pedestrians and non-motorised traffic on the roads. There is also no central legislation to comprehensively govern or regulate the use of roads by pedestrians and non-motorised traffic. It has been left to the States to legislate thereon.

India is a country with a high number of pedestrians and surveys have proved time and again that most of the road accidents have taken place due to the reckless behaviour of most of the pedestrians and a few due to the irresponsibility of the vehicle drivers. Over 40 percent of the accidents account for pedestrian fatalities.T he annual report on road accidents conducted by the traffic police shows that the number of pedestrians being killed in road fatalities in 2016 was higher in comparison to other commuters. While the number of overall accidents has come down, the report reveals 42 percent of the total deaths that took place on city’s roads in 2016 account for those of pedestrians.

India is a rapidly developing country and it is very important for every citizen of the country to realize that every life matters. We make the country. It’s high time we act responsibly.

  • Do not use mobile while walking on the road.
  • Cross the road using proper facilities such as Foot Bridge, Zebra crossing etc.
  • Use Footpaths when and where available.
  • Be aware of motorists and be alert at all possible times.
  • Do not jump any signals.
  • Maintain speed limit at all times.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Motorists are not allowed to use the footpath under any circumstances whatsoever they may be.
  • Contact 108/100 during any sort of emergency and report any sort of rash driving that may cause harm to people.
  • Let’s do our bit in making India a better country. Be Responsible. Be safe.

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