India’s first road tax calculator released

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Thank God we don’t have to pay road tax for walking otherwise do you think these three fellows walking on the road would look happy and cool?

We hope we are not giving an idea to government agencies who most of the time are not so easy to work with. Improving such systems seem nobody’s interest and hence never make it to any lists let alone priority list. One such example is Road Tax, its an uphill task to find out as to how much road tax one needs to pay and what exactly the process is. One doesn’t help but wonder why don’t we have road tax calculator the way we have interest calculator or EMI calculator and so on. First we thought there must be a rocket science behind in it and therefore we don’t have it, we however started our research to decode arts and science behind it. It seems we had ton of blessings from lot of people who were praying to have something like this that got us success in finding out formula. All we had to do was to use secrete formula of 21st century to create India’s first Road Tax Calculator, and yes we did it !!

So wait no more, log on to and find out road tax that you may have to pay using our quick and easy Road Tax Calculator .

Happy driving!!

Team Drivekool


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