It’s All about Night Driving

Driving during night is all about communicating with lights, say experts at driving schools. Yes, when you drive at night you need to communicate with other drivers using different lights such as headlights, indicator lights, bake lights, parking lights and so on so they know about your next turn and move.

Reports suggest that driving during the dark or night hours, especially in bad weather and under bad light conditions increase the chances of causing accidents 2-3 times.

Driving at night after a long day, amidst heavy traffic with poor lighting conditions all scare even the experienced drivers. Worse if you are a new driver or differently abled such as suffer from night blindness, color blindness etc. However, reaching home safely is your goal; you need to be extra cautious while driving at night. Here are some tips to drive safely during night.

•Use your Headlights: Turn your headlights on even before the sunsets and it becomes dark. Using headlights to indicate your intentions while driving is a safe way to indicate to the other drivers about your next move. Lights help other drivers see you clearly, and help avoid collision. When the weather is bad use headlights irrespective of the time of the day, just make sure you do not use high beam hampering the vision of other drivers.

•Be Awake and Alert by Moving your Eyes: After a long day, you may feel tired and your eyes may need rest. However, while driving this could leads to dangerous situation. Make sure you do not blink, or close eyes. Keep yourself awake and alert by moving your eyes. Keep an eye on the mirrors so you know the traffic situation and the vehicles around you.

•Maintain Distance: Driving too close to other vehicles on the road is not a good idea, especially not a night times. Following vehicles too close may make the other drivers nervous and may lead to accidents or incidents.
Follow these simple tips and use your common sense drive slowly, take rest when required and drive safe to your destinations.

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