Keep Your Car Spotless

Care enough about your car exterior and avoid those quick washed with a bucket. A proper wash with waxing would be good for the exterior but there are still a few steps missing from the process.

5 steps to keep your car in great shape are:

  1. Washing your car: Wash your car with a pressure washer to remove any dirt and loose contaminants along with some car washing shampoo. Rinse the surface for larger pieces of dirt and use drying cloths later.
  2. Cleaning the interior: Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpet of your car and the loose dirt. Thereafter you can use polishing materials along with microfiber cloth to get that beautiful shine on the surface. You could remove the floor mats and wash them if they are washable or clean it with a stiff brush. While leather seats can be cleaned by sprays and conditioning, fabric seats can be shampooed or dry cleaned when they get dirty.
  3. Polishing and waxing for gloss: Polishing and conditioning oil adds depths of colors and maximum gloss. It can be applied with hand or a polisher. The next step is to wax, which adds a layer of protection from UV rays to prevent fading and also preserves your high gloss finish. You can add a spray detailer and clean microfiber cloth to the process which will make it look relatively cleaner and shiny.
  4. Wash the windows: You should use a car window cleaner for best results and also protect the window tint. The normal household cleaner may cause harm to your windows.
  5. Wash the wheels: The most important tip is to wash your wheels with the product that has been specifically formulated for your type of wheel. If you don’t know your type of wheel then go for the least powerful version that is acid-free and pH balanced. These go with all types of wheels.

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