Kochi – The Gem of Kerala

There is no doubt that Kochi is the most developed city in Kerala, both in terms of infrastructure and mentality. The city might not have the wide roads of Trivandrum or the canals of Alleppey, but it presents a well-balanced mix of all aspects that eventually result in the city being a great experience.

Kochi, or Ernakulam is a metro city located at the heart of the oblong state that is Kerala. The city is called the “Queen of Arabian Sea”, because of its inherent beauty and the proximity to the sea. There are many beaches near the city, and some will even put its southern neighbours in Trivandrum to shame. The city had developed as a port ever since the Portuguese set foot there around three centuries ago, and the trend of development has been constant over the years. Kochi also has the largest international airport in the state, and some of the best hotels in Kerala. More recently, the inauguration of Kochi Metro Transit System has made Kochi a genuine metropolitan city, in terms of development.

Feel Welcome

In terms of Social development, Kochi is miles ahead, too. The people at Kochi are extremely open-minded and non-judgemental, even to complete strangers. One can easily make friends with someone they meet, and this results in an overall great experience while visiting the town. Therefore, it is no surprise that foreigners turn out to the city in great numbers. This development in mentality has to be attributed to the cultural influx the city has overseen over the years. Places like Fort Kochi and Mattancherry still have many Portuguese, Dutch and even Jewish establishments, making it a great place to soak in all the exotic cultures.

A Traveller’s Delight

Kochi has many great tourist spots in and around the city, ranging from backwaters and beaches to humongous malls. The beaches, mainly Cherai and Vypeen definitely provide competition to their southern counterparts located in Chennai. However, they are a bit removed from the city, and the easiest way to get there is by getting the services of car rental Kochi. Some of the major tourist spots, including Alleppey and Munnar are within driving distance from the city; they can easily be visited within one or two days is one uses a self-drive car to get there. For the shopaholics, Lulu Mall presents the largest collection of brand stores and eateries at the same place. So find a self drive car hire service, and explore this wonderful jewel of a city at your own pace!


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