Male VS Female who is safe driver?

Have you ever heard this joke about women drivers?

What is common between police car and women car? Well, they both make heavy noise to announce their arrival!

Agreed, it is a male dominated world or so it used to be, hence there are such jokes that are a bit unfair to the fair sex.

However, the reality is completely contrary to the joke and the popular belief that men make better drivers.

Reports published worldwide from UAE to the UK, and even in the US, statistics prove women are safe drivers. Our very own Delhi police have observed a similar trend, as the number of accidents involving make drivers is on the rise compared to women drivers.

Male drivers obsessed with speed ignore all the rules drive irresponsibly, considered rash drivers cause an increasing number of accidents most of which even turn out to be fatal, sadly.

While women drivers are far more responsible and drive safely, driving school instructors say. Corroborating evidence also proves that women are safe drivers; a study shows that women display great maturity in accomplishing simple tasks like parallel parking to being safe and responsible drivers even on busy crowded roads.

However, the number of women drivers are less in number when compared to male drivers; the percentage of accidents involving women is lower as well.

However, many driving schools show a steady and steep increase in the number of women who enroll for driving classes, women of all ages from 18 – 60 are now showing interest in learning four wheeler driving.  Driving school instructors feel women are more cautious and diligently follow traffic rules.  They exhibit lot of curiosity to learn the traffic safety rules and are never resort to rash driving.

Women are  less prone to be tempted when another car overtakes them, unlike their male counter parts who does not like the idea of someone coming from behind and speeding past them. Women prefer to apply brains and brakes than senseless emotions and start a race leading to rash driving on the roads.

Women drivers are safe for themselves and for the co-passengers; they make sure that all the passengers in the car wear seat belts etc. They try to maintain constant speed and drive with efficiency to save fuel and avoid any collision and heavy repair costs. Without any doubt, women drivers have proven to be efficient, responsible and safe drivers.

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