Tips for managing stress in the rush hour traffic

In a developing country like India, with the growing population, there is a steep surge in the number of vehicles on the road and limited development in infrastructure to provide for it. There are only a few things that are more frustrating than getting stuck in a traffic jam. It is a test for patience and skills as a driver. Studies show how stress can impact your safety on the road, it can distract you and can prove out to be fatal.

A stressed-out person starts to experience tunnel vision where one is less likely to notice things happening outside the car. The observation time and reaction become slower and one maneuver in pandemonium. There is a lack of precision and the ability to perform driving skills and exercise reflexes.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress so it is important to find which calming technique works best for you.

  • Music helps to calm the nerves, one can play some soft and soothing music.
  • Listen to audiobooks on tape sitting in frustrating traffic jams. It takes your mind off traffic.
  • Once you are behind the wheel try to control the anger and emotions, take deep breaths and release stress.
  • Leave early and give yourself extra time to arrive and avoid delays.
  • Avoid the rush hour traffic by changing routes. One could use live traffic updates from google maps to find easier routes.

Avoid any road mishap. If one is particularly overwhelmed with emotions like anxiety or anger, it is advisable to pull over safely and take your time to calm down. Drive safe and ensure the safety of others on the roads.

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