Most Distracted Habits While Driving

When asked what could be the number one reason for many road accidents that occur in this country? You may think of Drunken driving, Rude driving, speeding, reckless driving. If that is what you have answered, you are wrong; the top reason for fatal accidents on road is Distracted

Multi-tasking is the order of the day! We try to accomplish many things at the same time, even while driving your vehicle on a busy street. You display your affection for kids, pets or even your significant other, change music CDs & Tracks, eat food or text messages or talk over mobile all while holding the steering in your hands.
Driving requires absolute attention, any distraction may put the lives of many at peril in major accidents and in minor accidents it may result in traffic penalties, court case, seizure of car or even cancellation of your license as the government intends to make the roads safer. Therefore, when you set out for a trip out and decide to drive your car, you need to make sure you drive with complete concentration and without any distractions while driving. Here are some tips to avoid distractive habits and drive safe.

Eating and Drinking: One of the most common distraction for many is eating or drinking while driving. You may have a tight and busy schedule but consuming food and drinks behind the wheel is dangerous. Avoid eating or drinking while driving, rather complete such activities before you start driving.

Driving when feeling sleepy: With an active nightlife, this is fast becoming the most distracted driving habit, you may have worked in night shift or spent last night at a pub or may have studies for your exams all night long, if you feel sleepy, you should avoid getting behind the wheels.

Mobiles and Music Systems Usage: With the extensive usage of mobiles, an average person spends a way more time on his mobile than with his or her family. Mobile addiction has become a serious threat to healthy lifestyle, including safe driving, texting or talking over the mobile while driving is a major distraction. In addition, it is very important that you avoid, reaching out to music system, changing the CDs, music track, etc., so you stay focused on driving.

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