Motoring at Night

Night driving can pose extra challenges due to reduced visibility and increased difficulty in judging speed and distance. In a developing country like India, there is the unavailability of street lights in most cases and in other cases, they are dimmed. There is a situation involving exposure to danger. One should take all measures to minimize any possibility of risks.

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security” – Benjamin Franklin. Trust only your own instincts on the roads. Take cautions before making any move ahead. The first tip for a night drive is the optimum utilization of the headlights. Headlights should advisably be used from one hour before the dusk itself. It goes unsaid that headlights need to be used during weather disturbances like a thunderstorm. There should be smart discretion for the use of high beam lights at night as it may blind the other drivers. Secondly, one must know where to point the light of the motor vehicle. It may also help the other drivers. High beam lights are also used to deliver a pass to other vehicles as well as communicate while driving at night.

One should always maintain a safe distance while driving at night. It ensures availability of reasonable time to act in case of any mishap. It is always advisable to start early in case of driving on the hills or valleys, as roads there are more tricky and visibility is further deteriorated by the weather conditions. Sleep might turn out to be the biggest risk in a night drive. Ensure a good sleep before starting any long drive. Use all senses and be alert while driving at night. Check all mirrors and be alert for lights approaching. It is the only way one can base decisions optimally while driving at night. Safety first, is safety always.

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