Must Have Items in Your Car for Emergency Situations

Vehicles have made our lives so much convenient and comfortable than before. This is why most of us are highly dependent on our cars for daily chores and activities. What if your car breaks down and you can’t find immediate help? Here we bring to you a list of items you must always keep in your car to tackle emergency situations when help takes time to reach:

First Aid Kit

Yes, it is a no brainer indeed! Irrespective of how far you intent to travel, keep a first aid kit equipped with the basic necessities in your car always. Must include items for the first aid kit are bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic cream, pain relievers and a hand sanitizer to prevent spreading of germs. You can also keep a solid wood or metal rod to protect yourself in case of any attack.

A Tool Kit

Even if you do not know much about car repairs, keep a tool kit handy to tackle any small breakdowns. The tool kit that comes with your vehicle can help you to repair pretty much every external problem easily. Read the car manual carefully to get a better understanding about how to tackle mechanical failures.

A Scissor Jack

Flat tyres or banged bonnet, scissor jack can help you get out of a lot of tricky car emergencies even when you cannot find anyone to help you. These jacks are very space efficient and can be used by anyone.

Tyre Sealant and Inflator

The most common problem we all have with our vehicles is the flat tyre which seems to happen whenever we’re really late for something. While having a spare tyre is the best solution, you can even keep a foam tyre sealant to tackle the sudden flat tyres. It is very easy to repair a flat tyre and you can inflate it yourself using an electric air compressor inflator.

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