Need of an hour: Roo the female drivers

After an infamous Uber NCR incident drivekool started getting more calls from women customers asking for female drivers as instructor specifically. It’s unfortunate  that a woman who can provide much needed sense of safety to another woman is a super rare species.  It’s a need of an hour that many realize and announcement of Uber creating a large pool of women taxi drivers just corroborate this acute shortage.


Every challenge does create some kind of opportunity and Uber is not alone who sensed it. TaxShe is also trying to address this challenge innovatively. TaxShe is a company founded by women to cater mostly women customers out there. TaxShe is going to provide on call women drivers called Roo who will provide services only to women, kids, or elderly passengers. Roo is basically a branding as a Kangaroo, someone who is strong and yet very caring, isn’t that what women are all about!!

They already have close 10+ Roos on board to deliver services. The Roos are coming from all walks of the life college going young girls, single mothers, widows and more interestingly professionals working with MNCs looking for additional income.

Team drivekool encourages and supports this initiative and wishes best of luck to team TaxShe.


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