On the way of creating millions of safe drivers on the road

Every minute we have a road accident and every fourth accident is claiming a life. Well, we know that life is cheap in India so let us rather put the things in dollar terms to increase the intensity of the matter. As per 2011-12 report India lost about 20B USD in road accidents and this is a huge cost to the country like India where millions of children still sleep without having proper meal for the day.

This has rightly caught the attention of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he raised his concern while addressing nation through radio program Mann ki Baat as well.

Drivekool-Saving-MillionsWhile government must be very concerned about it and must do something radical to save lives we believe that we also own a part of responsibility to help our government, society, and most importantly our own family.

Walking the talk, drivekool aims to improve upon these statistics by providing quality driving training to those who aspire to learn driving. Here are the some of the ways drivekool plans to create millions of safe drivers on the road:

1. Educate driving schools owners with importance of safe driving practices and about their profession that impacts lives

2. Train instructors with internationally accepted safe driving practices

3. Recording live training  sessions to evaluate the quality of training to further improve it

4. Educating customers with importance of understanding traffic rules & regulations, and safety tips that can be followed to avoid accidents

5. Engaging school going students as this can help them understand and absorb concept of driving safe at much early stage of life

6. Run various online and offline safe driving campaign to educate people

Drive safe, live long & healthy life!!


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