Plan and start learning driving

We get requests from our valued customers all the time that they like to start learning driving from today or tomorrow. While we appreciate the excitement of learning driving and understand that you want to get behind wheel as early as possible getting to start on immediate basis is very difficult. Morning or evening slots are in high demand and most of the time they are packed and hence such requests of starting training today/tomorrow can’t be accommodated by driving schools.

So the way you plan movie, bus or train or plan travel and book the ticket well before hand similarly you should plan learning driving and book the slot two weeks in advance. This not only ensure you the availability of slot but also gives you time to prepare yourself mentally, to get to know about driving essentials and so on.

We encourage you to use this time to learn the car in your mind. Imagine as if you are driving while sitting next to your friend or spouse while he/she drives. Observe driver carefully, ask questions if you have any and drive the car in your mind. You will be applying indicator, breaks, use clutch and gear in your mind. This certainly will help you when you actually get into the care to learn.

However If you have to start in urgency for whatever reasons then you may have to pick slot from lean hours i. e. during noon time from 12-4:00 PM. But again you have to be lightly flexible upon the slot that you may get. You might get 2:00 PM slot instead of 1:00 PM, which might not be available.


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One thought on “Plan and start learning driving

  • May 18, 2018 at 5:49 am

    Excellent blog. Nicely elaborate. This will surely help the beginners. Thanks for sharing such informative blogs. Keep Blogging.


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