Resolution 2016 – 11 tips to reduce carbon footprint

Climate is changing fast and it’s not only affecting in some other part of the globe rather it’s now affecting us directly. While world leaders are waking up to the need of urgency to find a long terms solution to save our mother earth we at individual level can also do our bit. Here is the list 11 tips to reduce carbon footprint that you could pick as your new year resolution:

  1. Take public transport at least once a month, more the merrier.
  2. Taking taxi to commute within city, go for a shared ride. Four favorite taxi aggregator app Uber and Ola both offer this service.
  3. Convince your boss to give you permission to work from home at least a day per week.
  4. Make an arrangement of carpooling with co-workers, which gives stress free ride as bonus besides reducing toxic emission.
  5. Stepping out to your favourite mom and pop store to get eggs or bread, take a walk or bicycle instead of taking vehicle.
  6. You are a lone traveller traveling intercity? Again, try and share the ride instead of booking a cab. You might want to try ride sharing app BlahBlahCar for this.
  7. Flying to another city, donate money for plantation while booking flight ticket.
  8. On an average you waste 0.098 litres of fuel for every 10 minutes of idling. It’s a huge when you add up. As a thumb rule, turn off the car if you will be idling over 10 seconds. You not only reduce the emission of toxic gases but also help our nation save some dollars on the fuel bill.
  9. Use AC sparingly, it helps save fuel especially when you are driving slowly.
  10. Use any electrical devices also wisely. They use battery to operate but then batter needs much more power of engine to get recharged which in turn consume fuel
  11. Don’t carry anything extra that is not required in the car or not necessary, it adds up to the weight that your vehicleengine has to pull.

Go Green in 2016

Have a safe, sounds, and green 2016.

Team Drivekool


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