Ride Your Bike Responsibly

Bike riders nowadays have turned into menace makers. They drive like they own the road and the rules are not for them. It happens very often that bike riders confuse car drivers by over speeding or rash overtaking. This ends up in a fatal accident almost every time. If you are a bike rider, you should drive with utmost care and responsibility; and keep in mind the following points-

  1. Bikes are harder to spot– It is true that it is harder for a driver to spot a bike than a car at night. This makes it very necessary for you to mind the traffic and keep safe distance from the fellow drivers. Many bikers do not care to turn on their lights in the night, this only adds to the trouble of the other drivers and may result in a crash. You must always make sure your lights are working fine and turn them on as soon as it gets dark.
  2. Bikers are vulnerable– Bikers are not as well protected on the road as car drivers. That is why you must never ride on the road without a helmet. A quality checked helmet is the foremost requirement for every rider. Replace your helmet if it is cracked or loosely padded and never buy second hand helmets.
  3. Follow the rules– Just because you drive a smaller vehicle does not give you the right to drive fast and carelessly. Do not overspeed and overtake cars to have fun or save time. Always give signals when passing and turning and do not jump traffic lights.

Also, do not put on earphones to talk or listen to songs while riding, that could turn into the last song you ever hear. Remember that you do not have the same protection as car drivers. You must depend on yourself for your safety. So, drive carefully and attentively.

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