Paying Road Tax in Bangalore For No Road Ahead

First of all Bangalorians should be exempted to pay any Road Tax in Bangalore as this is the tax that government levy to drive vehicle on the road and not on the craters, potholes and wells.drivekool killer bangalore roads

However lets not talk about the nightmarish and horrific state that our Namma Bangalurur roads are in. Lets pretend that all is well with the roads (sorry for asking too much here) and figure out issues that we deal with regards to paying road tax.

1. One had to visit RTO office in person to just to find out the Road Tax amount until we launched Road Tax Calculator.
2. Road Tax calculated on our website might not exactly match with the one calculated by RTO. We have decoded the rule book prescribed by RTO for calculating road tax whereas they still do it manually and hence the discrepancy exists.
3. Different RTOs come up with different amount to pay for the same vehicle. Yes, you read it right and it happens more often than not.
4. Don’t get surprised if an RTO disputes the Road Tax amount paid by you in other RTO. This indeed has happened with one of our customer when he sold off his vehicle after paying Road Tax in Indira Nagar RTO. The buyer went to KR Puram RTO for ownership transfer and re-registration and he was asked to pay more toward Road Tax citing insufficient payment made earlier.

If you also come across any issues with paying Road Tax in Bangalore and is not listed here then please drop a note so that we can add.

Happy driving !!

Image Credit: Art was created by Namma Bangalurur Foundation. Found this image on many websites. Please let us know who this image really belong to if you know.


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