Say No to Drowsy Driving

Are you yawning and rubbing your eyes while driving? It is very common that you tend to doze off when you are driving long distances in the night. It is a worse situation as it may lead to road accidents. So, how can you prevent drowsy driving? There are ways where you can stay awake and keep driving. Let us see what they are. It is time to pull over!

Take a pre-drive nap

The best way is to go for pre-drive nap to keep you alert. If you are tired and feel sleepy during driving, pull over and take a short nap. Ensure that you are in a safe location.

Drive with a partner

If you feel drowsy during driving, your buddy can drive your car on long trips. It is wise to travel with a partner who knows driving. You can pull over every two hours and switch drivers, while you or your partner takes a nap if possible.

Do not drink and drive

Alcohol enhances drowsiness. It is best to avoid drinks while driving. Instead, drink energy drinks or coffee as it improves alertness.

Do not ever rush

Drive slowly and safely to reach your destination. Your safety is more important than your destination.

Enjoy your driving

Take breaks while driving as it is a complex activity. Every passing second, you tend to make small but important split decisions. And driving needs your complete attention on the road.

Play loud music for a while

In order to get your senses active, you can play loud music while driving. Remember, it is hard to fall sleep in a loud car.

Switch on the Radio

Radio offers an endless variety of programmes. Find a programme that makes you think to keep your consciousness invigorated.

Stop driving

If you reach a point where trusting yourself is difficult, just pull over for the night at a hotel and get a good night’s sleep.

Make sure your mind and body are in good shape for driving. Plan ahead and get good sleep before you drive.

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