Share the Road and Respect Other Drivers

Many studies show that the main cause of traffic jams and accidents is the lack of road sense amongst drivers these days. By following these basic road etiquettes, you can make driving a smooth experience for yourself and other drivers:

Follow road lanes

The road lanes are designed to streamline the traffic and facilitate easy movement. There are separate lanes for heavy and light vehicles, which prevent any accidents on the road. While driving, follow the lane rules and stay in your prescribed lane. Also, while taking a turn, make sure to enter the lane before turning to avoid inconvenience to others.

Do not honk unnecessarily in traffic

Nobody likes the driver who keeps on honking unnecessarily when the traffic is still. Even if you are terribly late, understand that honking will not clear the traffic but cause irritation due to noise pollution. Instead, try resolving the jam by assisting the traffic police and reach your destination quickly.

Give way to emergency vehicles

The emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks and police vans are exempted from traffic signals since they need to reach in time. If you hear any emergency sirens behind you on the road, always turn your vehicle to the side of the road and let the ambulance or fire truck pass.

Respect traffic signals

Traffic signals not only help prevent any accidents, they also facilitate smooth flow of traffic. Always respect the traffic signals and stop when the light is red. This way, you give way to other vehicles to move and do not run into any mishap on the road.

Do not park on the roadside

The roads in India are very clumsy, and the road side parking makes it even more difficult. If you park on the road, you reduce the driving space on the road, which leads to a traffic jam situation. Even if you have to stop for a few minutes, always find a spot to park away from the road to ensure other drivers are not troubled by your vehicle.

One thought on “Share the Road and Respect Other Drivers

  • December 22, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    I hope more drivers read your post and try to respect other drivers on the road. If we have respectful and observant drivers on the road, we won’t have to worry about accidents and to cover the damage. The key is to not bother other drivers with your vehicle.


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